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Eat Scottish Venison Day

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I hope everyone is going to be eating Scottish Venison on Sunday 4th September to celebrate ‘Eat Scottish Venison Day’ or as I mistakenly called it ‘East Scottish Venison Day’ which might have upset the folk in the west.

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Silence in the studio …

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When your client in demand is up to their oxters in the finest Hebridean water in pursuit of the king of fish there’s no way he is going to be interrupted for an interview, not even for the BBC! That’s why, on this occasion, it fell on me to talk about venison and deer farming when BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today came knocking. Forgive the Floydian slip …

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This is me interviewed by Anna Hill on the subject of why Scotland needs more deer farms – and no, it wasn’t done live at 5.45am. Thank you for asking.